Saturday, October 6, 2012

The Honey Sutra: Dharma of The Hundred Acre Wood

Thus have I heard:

Deep in the Hundred Acre Wood
the stuffed bear was walking
while his tummy kept reminding
him that they were hungry
because - 
in case he'd forgotten - they hadn't had any honey.

He burst into song:

"Everything is honey
and life is very sweet"

This is no other than truth, as the Heart Sutra says
But take care:

Do not turn this matter into a Bisy Backson!

"The Backson!  Where?  Run!  Hide!" 
the stuffed animals cry in panic.


What did I just say about not turning this matter 
into a Bisy Backson?

Shush Owl and Rabbit!  Your minds
are bouncier and trouncier than

bouncy trouncy Tigger.  You would dig a pit
when all you need is to wake up and taste the honey.


Yes, Pooh.  Honey.  The taste of life is the taste of honey

It pervades the bitter, sour, spicy, salty and the bland.
It is the sweet/non-sweet, honey/non-honey

Not two and not one taste!

But hearing this an Owl would only make
a Backson -

"The Backson!"


And a Rabbit would only dig
a pit

And a Tigger would only bounce
on his tail.

Just taste this!

However little bear, take care:
Having tasted this, nevertheless

Do not linger here.
Go back to the Hundred Acre Wood

where your tummy
grumbles for honey

where Christopher Robin
and your friends long to play with you.

This is the Way of the Honey.

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