Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Weekly Post #4

October 17

Changing diapers
bathing, reading books aloud -
Bodhisattva work.

October 18

Boddhisattva work:
eye, ear, nose, tongue, body, mind
bowing and sitting.

Bodhisattva work:
hands to hold, stories to hear
bills and debts to pay.

This mind is birdsong
is mother and child reading
wind and trees dancing

Earth and rain meeting
embracing, kissing in such
frenzied lovemaking.

Hard conversations
hearts stripped naked and blooming
in Kannon's embrace.

Shadows on the wall
and above the ceiling light
shines like the full moon.

Irritation is
a raincloud crossing the sky
the full moon still shines.

October 19

Drowsiness descends
like a blanket; still the child
refuses to sleep.

October 20

Moss, soil, gravel, grass
welcome the falling flowers
Just then a bell sounds.

Just then a bell sounds
from the neighbor's house, it seems
Mind is a bell's sound.

Mind is a bell's sound
a rooster's crow, the dance of 
tree leaves in the wind.

Tree leaves in the wind
are invited to come play
on this yoga mat.

On this yoga mat
the universe meets itself
Just this, nothing more.

Oh the pouring rain!
The many arms of Kannon
embracing the world.

Make love to me like
the rain falling from the sky
making rain-music.

Making rain-music
is just the rain's true nature
expressing as rain.

May I be the rain
that pours equally on all
embracing, loving all.

Sky, rain, earth are one
undivided flowering
rainy-day blossom.

Sky, rain, earth, me - one
undivided flowering

October 21

To sit as just this
undivided flowering
upholds the Precepts.

Everyone is here
and we are never alone

Late afternoon blooms
right before my very eyes
like a waking yawn.

October 22

Sun and watch can make
a moon shine inside the house
It's no magic trick.

It's no magic trick
this unfolding, flowering
undivided world.

Undivided world!
No tricks, just  this miracle
of livingdying.

October 23

seven o' clock sun
streams gently through the screen door
the dogs exchange barks.

The dogs exchange barks
as the seven o' clock sun
peers through the tree leaves.

Sunlight and tree leaves
form a backdrop for all the
orange-red flowers.

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